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After PRK Surgery

First Phase Recovery

Immediately following the laser vision correction procedure, soft contact lenses are placed on the eyes to facilitate the first phase of surface healing. Please do NOT remove the contact lenses by yourself. Much of this first phase after PRK Surgery will occur within the first 3-4 days post-operatively. During this period you may experience fluctuating irritation, foreign body sensation, light sensitivity and in some cases actual pain. The healing process will continue for months after the procedure, although the discomfort will subside in several days and you will then be able to resume more normal activities and begin to enjoy improved vision.

Initial Restrictions

You should avoid strenuous physical activity, as it could promote dislodging of the contact lenses and cause microbes and perspiration to get into your eyes. Eye rubbing, squeezing and getting soap and/or water in the eyes are to be meticulously avoided. For this reason, do not shower or get shampoo near the eyes until directed by your doctor. Hair spray and other aerosols are not to be used. Eye make-up is not to be worn and should be instructed by your doctor. You may return to work as early as after the first post-operative visit, if you feel comfortable. Using your eyes will not damage them.

Prescriptions and Medication

Your concierge eye care specialist should customize your medication regimen to your individual post-operative requirements. Please fill the these prescriptions well in advance of your procedure date in case your pharmacist has to “special order” any of the medications.

Your initial post-op medications could be:

  • An anti-inflammatory eye drop that needs to be applied several times daily
  • An antibiotic eye drop that needs to be applied several times daily

If multiple eye drops are prescribed apply them separated by five minutes so as not to wash one drop out with the other.

Optional medications may be taken on as “as-needed” basis only for pain are:

  • An analgesic pill that could be taken several times throughout extended periods of pain

Additional After PRK Guidelines

Do not consume alcohol, operate a vehicle or heavy equipment while taking any pain management medication as it may make you drowsy. Cold compresses may also help control discomfort, but avoid getting the eye wet. A sudden increase in pain could signify that the contact lens has dislodged. Please notify your doctor immediately if the pain should atypically increase, particularly after the second post-operative day.

It is extremely important that you follow the post-operative regimen as directed, as this will ensure proper healing, prevent regression of the laser vision correction and give you the best possible post-operative result.